Our Programs

Infant Classroom


Goals of The Infant Program:

  • Seeing and Exploring the NEW WORLD with eyes, hands, and mouths!
  • Language Development Talk
  • Love of READING and SINGING 
  • Communication and Verbal Skills
  • Physical Development and Health

Toddler Classroom


Goals of the Toddler Classroom:

  • Thinking Skills
  • Vocabulary Skills
  • Love of READING and SINGING
  • Counting and Early Math Skills
  • CommunicatingNeeds
  • Social/Emotional Health
  • Physical Development and Health

Ages 2-6 Classrooms


Goals of the Preschool Classroom:

  • Exploration: Learning through Doing!
  • Self-Directed  Learning
  • Reading/Math/Writing Readiness
  • Cooperation and Working with Friends
  • Communication Skills: Using our Words
  • Impulse Control: Using Gentile Hands

Outside Play


Outside on our playground, your child will enjoy playhouses, balls for kicking, cars for racing, sand for building, and more.  

Your little one will love playing in the sensory tables.  At different times of the year children can experiment with water, slime, noodles, and much more!  

Children will be given the opportunity, multiple times of the day, to socialize with other children of the same age, and, of course, play outside!  

Our 2,400 square foot outdoor play area offers faux grass and a cooling system that makes it the best around!  

Food and Nutrition


We are happy to provide two snacks throughout the day.

Parents provide lunches. 

In this climate of food allergies and sensitivities, our current parent community prefers this option. 

We can heat food from tupperware and make quick ready-to-eat microwave meals.